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Simple and perfect. Just what I needed. I havent experienced any problems with the app so far.

Simple but good

Everybody knows it, its simple for writing text you wont have problems and nothing to complain for simple text writing, its perfect

Mono-Font missing

Similar to textedit but I am missing to use always a mono-space-font. I would prefer this tool intead of Apples textedit, because textedit does always start with an open dialog. But I dont want this font.

Very good!

Just what ive been looking for… small, easy and fast one… like windows notepad. Thanx!


What is there to say? It does exactly what it says on the box! A simple notepad app. Just like its Windows equivalent - great for people (like me!) whove seen the light and switched to Mac. Nice thing is, it automatically saves new notes with the .txt extension so if youre saving to your Dropbox folder for example you dont have to worry about other programs not understanding it.

Very useful and simple!

I downloaded this excelent free app in look a of a simple application where I can jot down any ideas I get. And that is exactly what I got! This is an ideal app for anyone who has lots of ideas and easily forgets them when working on other things. Now I never have to worry about forgetting my ideas because they are all in this neat little application. The look and feel of the application is very reminiscent of TextEdit, one minor differnce that makes this application much better is the feel and look of the text, it just looks a whole lot smoother and you arent given any options to change the look. Which I think is great, I can just open the application and start writing down my notes. The application uses the .txt format so pretty much and text reading application will recognize it. This is very convinient when I want to transfer my files over to my PC I can still open my notes on any application I have on my PC. So overall its a great application and I would highly recommend to anybody who wants to write down their ideas.

Finally found it!

Ive switched to Mac from Windows, and have been looking for a basic text editor that strips out all formating when copying text from web pages, and can be used to quickly edit javascript and html files. This does exactly that - just like the trusty Windows notepad. Goodbye Windows… forever!

Almost Brilliant

Works exactly like the Windows equivalent :D . However, Id like to see one thing introduced: First, the option to remove the word count bar at the bottom. And... thats it.

Just what I need

Ive been looking for "this" program ever since I turned "Mac". Awesome! Apple ruined their text editor with bells and whistles that made it nearly impossible to reliably edit text files and HTML without fouling it up or taking forever to figure a way around all the "foo-foo". Ive used Tincta, Bean, TExt Wrangler, etc, etc. Nothing compared to this for text editing. Thank you,Kupon.

just what I needed

This is just like text edit but doesnt translate html Nice and simple

One problem!

This application cannot print!! What a joke! This is a great little text editor, I love the word count at the bottom but it cant print! Thats the only reason this is 3 starts and not 5 stars. It works great for what it is, a simple text editor, but come one - No Printing ability?!

Its very nice

I dont know why I like it, but its definitely better than TextEdit in ways difficult to put down. I wish there was an option to not ask to save when closing because thats the reason I was looking for another editor in the first place, the save dialogs are slow in mac os x, and I also second the request that someone else had to have an option to remove the word count at the bottom. If youre just looking to paste text, you know TextEdit has a plain text mode you can enable in the preferences. I still think this app is better however. I dont need any of that Rich Text stuff. I also tried ByWord which is nice if you like MarkDown, but for plain text, this app is it.

Just what I wanted: SIMPLE TEXT EDITOR!

I do a lot of cutting and pasting of text, and your app has made it so simple by just giving me the text without any formatting. I dont need any special functionality, just the basic text. I want to thank you for making my job less frustrating!

Cannot handle large files

It is indeed simple and easy to use. The only probem is that it crashes when trying to edit and save a large txt file ( > 7 mb).

Simple can be better

I love this notepad because its simple. Sure there are other beefier notepads and text editors our there but I dont need all those bells and whistles. Notepad is everything I need and perfect for my uses.

Open non .txt files

I love this app, actually I prefer it over TextEdit since iCloud integration, but it needs to be able to open any file like (.log .plist .html and so on) to be a complete replacement of TextEdit. The feature that everyone is suggesting of disabling the “do you want to save…” dialog, i believe it should be an on/off toggle, some might need it.

convert text to characters

When I edit a document - and reopen it - its nothing but miscellaneous characters?????

ONLY supports text files, does not support rich text format.

I almost found the app for my daily writing. It offers the user the option to change the font to his or her choosing, but it lacks support for rich text files, full screen support or changing the character count at the bottom to the word count. Im hoping this could be offered in a future version, which I would gladly pay for.


I am trying to use this app for a web page development class Im taking. It will allow me to save the doc initially as xxxx.html then it wont allow me to edit because I dont have permissions…what???? Ive done everything to give myself permission (rolling eyes) but it still isnt working. SO FRUSTRATING.

Cannot recognize a lot of files

Especially when they are encoded using windows softwares or other platforms. Very annoying.

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